Ways We Can Help

Access to Low-Income Housing

We can help find adults find accessible low-income housing right in the heart of Terrace. Let TDCSS support your search for a place you can call home.

Thriving with Diverse Abilities

We can help find residential services that fit your abilities and a host of community inclusion services. Thrive with TDCSS.

Support Following a Brain Injury

If you’re an adult managing an acquired brain injury, we can help. Let TDCSS support you in navigating your health choices.

Managing Substance Misuse

TDCSS has programs specifically designed for both youth and adults managing substance misuse. Let us help you on your journey.

Legal Advocacy

TDCSS can connect you with either a family law advocate or a poverty law advocate that best suits your needs.

Family and Youth

If you’re experiencing challenges with parenting, we can help. TDCSS offers a number of services from 0-24 years old.

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