Foundry Terrace: Watch Our New Campaign Video! ?

Foundry Terrace: Watch Our New Campaign Video! ?


We’re getting close to our goal. And that means making a real impact on our youth and families in Terrace and the surrounding areas.

We’re partnering with Foundry to bring an innovative model of health and social services to our community.

The Foundry model is developed by youth, for youth ✊

Accessing help can be confusing and time-consuming. Youth must walk through multiple doors and tell their story over and over, before finally accessing the help they seek.

They need a place to go where they can feel safe and find the help they need, when they need it.

When you come to our new Foundry centre, someone will be there to listen and connect you with appropriate services. Youth will be able to receive the supports they need in one place or even in a single visit.

We bring together practitioners and service providers from across disciplines, including primary care, substance use, mental health, social services and peer advisors. They’re not only practicing together, but they’re using the same model of engagement.

👉 Visit us at to learn more and to support us on this mission.

How can you help? We would be grateful if you can:

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