Building a Safety Net for Youth: Foundry Terrace

Building a Safety Net for Youth: Foundry Terrace

TDCSS is fundraising to complete the construction of a purpose-built space for Foundry Terrace, a comprehensive health and wellness center for young people aged 12-24 in Terrace, British Columbia.

Foundry Terrace offers free services such as clinical counseling, primary healthcare, employment training, and peer support. The center does not require referrals and aims to create a unified treatment model to ensure that no young person falls through the cracks.

The plan involves constructing a 7,500-square-foot purpose-built space for Foundry and four floors of affordable rental housing for seniors above. BC Housing is leading the funding for the four upper floors of affordable seniors housing, and TDCSS is the project lead for the Foundry center. Learn more about the project by visiting us at

Read the full article from the Terrace Standard.


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