Meet the professional who supports the support workers in Terrace

Meet the professional who supports the support workers in Terrace

Sheila Laryea is the Human Resources Manager at TDCSS, helping to hire, train, schedule and support over 150 managers and support workers.


Sheila Laryea loves working behind-the-scenes in support of TDCSS’s work in the community


When a project involves anything more than a handful of people, it’s essential that someone steps back from the front lines to look after behind-the-scenes management and organization. Terrace and District Community Service Society (TDCSS) definitely has more than a handful of people—there are over 150 managers and support workers helping feed, counsel and care for vulnerable people in Terrace and the surrounding area. And behind the scenes, ensuring all of those people are well-trained and well-supported, is Sheila Laryea.

Laryea is the Human Resources Manager at TDCSS, which means she supports all employees through hiring, training, scheduling and troubleshooting.

“I enjoy being in the background, helping things run smoothly. Making sure clients have the best possible support workers, and making sure employees are supported, happy and healthy so they can focus on their care,” she says.

Laryea comes to TDCSS from Saskatoon, where she dedicated a lot of time to more ‘front-line’ care. She was a youth leader at a non-profit that helped international students adjust to life in Canada, sorting out accommodation, school tutors, mentorship programs and making sure everyone had enough warm clothes to endure a Saskatoon winter! She also volunteered at local food banks, a correctional facility and more. Two years ago her passion for helping people brought her to Terrace, and she’s been with TDCSS ever since.


Terrace support services for all ages

TDCSS provides a wide range of services, including residential programs, youth, child and family programs, counselling services, public and family law, a soup kitchen, career services and more.

“The TDCSS community has so much diversity — different people from different backgrounds with a wide range of skills and experiences. I enjoy figuring out how to support everyone, and I learn from our clients and employees on a daily basis.”

Laryea says they’re hiring almost daily as well, and is always looking for new employees who have a passion for people. “We provide essential services, so it’s important that we always have quality employees available to meet the needs of the community.”

Laryea and her colleagues in HR provide all employees with continued training, support and mentorship on communication skills and fostering welcoming social spaces. All staff also receive extensive job-specific training, so clients and employees always feel safe and supported.

The scope of services at TDCSS can be overwhelming to some, but Laryea has a simple message for anyone in need of support. “We are in the community and we’re ready to help. If you have any need at all, you can always come in and ask for help. We can direct you to TDCSS services that suit your needs, or link you to the best services from other organizations. Just ask!”


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