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One Mentor's Experience:

This is Jennifer she has been an mentor in our In-school mentoring program for the past 2 years. This is what she would like to share about her experience.

Jennifer has said that being a mentor has been a positive experience and that she believes she has had a positive effect on the Little she has spent time with. Jennifer and her Little's favorite activity to do together was to draw especially on the school whiteboard. Jennifer also shared the following, "I have really enjoyed being a big sister. It was a good feeling to know I was making a difference in her life, and only by spending an hour a week with her"

When asked to share why she feels the program is important Jennifer stated, "The program is important because it makes the child feel special and gives them an opportunity to have one on one time with an adult." Jennifer also said she would recommend becoming a Big Brother or Big Sister because it is a positive experience.

For more information on becoming a mentor Contact Terrace Big Brothers & Big Sisters at 250 635 4232 or visit on the left had side visit the tab information on mentoring.