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Who We Are

TDCSS is a non-profit society that provides a variety of services to members of our community. At EmployAbilities we help match the people in our program with the needs of employers. We provide on the job training and regular follow-up with the employer to ensure success. Eventually participants in the program are able to work independently, with natural supports.

We stay involved, and follow up regularly with the employer and step in to assist whenever necessary. Whether it’s teaching new skills, helping the team learn about their new co-worker, or problem solving with the participant and employer, we are here for support.

Through work experience programs and coaching, we assist our participants in becoming successful and independent in their careers.

Working Together

        Our Role

·         To support you in finding a paid job that matches your   

           skills and interest

·         To help you find paid employment in your chosen field

·         To provide on the job support to assist you in learning

           new skills

·         To help you become independent at your job by slowly

            fading supports

·         Provide you with  information and transportation resources to identify how you will get to and from work

  Participant Role

·         To identify people in your community who will attend an

           initial meeting with us to aid in goal planning

·         To be active in the discovery process and assist in the

           creation of a job seeker profile

·         Help us identify who could be a long term support for you

           if applicable

·         Meet monthly with EmployAbilities team to review your goal



How do I become a part of the Employ Abilities Program?

It’s easy, just follow these 5 steps!


1.  Go see a Facilitator, Leah or Elizabeth, at Community Living British Columbia at 4741 Park Avenue.

2.  When you get there tell one of the Facilitators that you would like to find employment.

3.  After you speak to them, if you are eligible for our services, you may be put on a waiting list.

4.  Once it is your turn you will be referred to Employ Abilities.

5.  When Employ Abilities gets your referral they will contact you and start supporting you with finding employment.


Contact Numbers:


Office: 250 635 7995

Cellphone: 250 615 6407


Fax: 250 635 6319


Community Living BC


Office: 250 638 2311