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TDCSS CLS support services provides individualized services to children, youth, adults and families.

Person Centered Philosophy

TDCSS is committed to providing Person Centered support services. Community Living and Youth and Family Support services both adhere to this philosophy. Staff members receive training about this philosophy, our Code of Ethics and Code of Conduct which guide TDCSS employees



Person-centered support services are holistic—involving the community as a whole (person served, families, community members, volunteers, stakeholders) to facilitate services that fosters:

·         decision making,

·         autonomy

·         empowerment

·         accountability

·         choice, and

·         participation.

Individualized services to people with disabilities

The TDCSS Community Living Services believes that all people have the right to lead active, fulfilling lives which includes employment and social opportunities in their community.

TDCSS Community Living Services believes that each person has their own strengths and gifts to share.  Individuals’ support plans are tailored to meet their personal dreams, goals and unique needs. The focus of the individual care plan is to encourage decisions that promote an active, healthy lifestyle.

TDCSS Community Living follows the philosophy of Person Centered Planning, which means that an ideal plan for an individual is centered on what is most important to that person.  Families are an important part of this process.  They are an essential part of the care team.

Intake CLS


·         Accessing the core TDCSS CLS Services

TDCSS Community Living Services welcomes new referrals. Community Living BC (CLBC) staff members determine eligibility for referral to the core TDCSS Community Living Services.


·         Waitlist for Core TDCSS CLS Services

CLBC holds the waitlist for TDCSS CLS core services.


·         Eligibility for core TDCSS CLS Services

Eligibility for the core TDCSS Services has been set by our funder, CLBC. Once they have determined eligibility, a staff member contacts TDCSS to initiate the intake process.


·         Private Purchase Option

If an individual, family or agency wishes to purchase services, we have a variety of options available. Eligibility for this service will be determined by the manager.


Families and other service providers may choose to purchase services for an individual. The fee to be charged will be based on the current fee structure for the type of services requested.

Options for Services through TDCSS Community Living Services

We have a variety of services for participants and families to choose from and we have the flexibility and capacity to address specific requests from individuals and/or families:

Community Services:  

Approximately 63 individuals, who live in their on their own or with family, are supported to participate in the community whether working, volunteering or just having fun. Participants may also choose to strengthen, practice or develop skills (e.g. life skills, safety in the home or community, managing money, etc). 

o   Self Help:  this service option provides support to adults who are living with their families

o   Residential Support Program (RSP):  provides support to adults who live in their own homes

o   Integration and Inclusion (I & I): provides support to both people receiving other Community Living supports and people who want support to be more involved with their community and peers

o   VIP (Valued, Included and Powerful):  supports adults who live with families access the community in a variety of ways

o   Cluster Program:  supports adults who live in their own apartments. Each resident chooses how much support they want and what they want the staff person to help them with.  

Residential Programs:  

Various residences provide 24 hour support for up to 15 individuals to develop life skills, participate in leisure activities, and access the community.   We encourage people to be active members of their community.   Residential options include: Davis, Graham, Tuck, Crescentview, and Eby Programs.

Our personnel:

TDCSS Community Living employees are carefully screened and participate in extensive interviews, medical checks and are required to have a criminal record clearance.

They receive training in First Aid, Behaviour Management, Crisis Intervention, Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, Sign Language, specific medical conditions and other courses related to individual needs. 

TDCSS Community Living has developed our own Competency Based Training programs for employees:

·         How to care for your back

·         How to keep yourself safe on the job and at home

·         Ethics, Conduct and Expectations

·         Infection Protection and Control - Universal Precautions

·         Infection Control and Precautions/Handwashing

·         Vehicle Transportation Procedures

·         What is Diabetes

·         Professional Ethics and Boundary Setting

·         Report Writing Module

·         Fire Emergency

·         Violent or Threatening Situations

·         Orientation -Employee, Volunteers and Student Responsibilities

·         Orientation New Worker Health & Safety-

·         Outcomes and Setting SMART Goals

·         Critical/Serious Incident Reporting

·         Managing Food Safely

·         What is Community Living?-

·         Promoting Wellness & the Unique Needs of Persons

·         Bomb and Gas Leak Procedures

·         Medical Emergency

·         Conflict Resolution


TDCSS CLS services have provided services to people with Developmental Disabilities; Acquired Brain Injuries; Pervasive Development Disorders (Autism); Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders; behavioural challenges; Dual Diagnosis (mental health issues); Klinefelter's Syndrome, mobility issues, Central Auditory Processing Deficit, Hearing Deficits, Visual Deficits and other conditions.


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